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Chinese New Year Special ! Balinese Pleasures
New Year    8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 10,350
Bali's beaches and rich culture are legendary in Southeast Asia. The island has something for your every wish, whether it's a swim in the ocean followed by a relaxing spa, or a leisurely day exploring art galleries and museums......
Myanmar in Style: Ancient Realm, Tropical Seaside
October Holiday    13 days/ 12 nights
From RMB12,480
In little-known Myanmar, the wonders of a rich and ancient culture and its glorious tropical landscapes await its visitors. All who go there testify to the fascinating diversity and the warm-heartedness of the local people, who welcome tourists with .....
Korea Sparkling
Short weekend break    5 days/ 4 nights
From RMB 14,802
How to capture the essence of this fascinating, complex nation? Social relations may be grounded in ancient Confucianism but South Korea is most decidedly a forward-thinking country thanks to its hurry-hurry approach to everything, an insatiable appe.....
Beautiful Australia
X’mas    14 days/ 13 nights
From RMB 12,169
Sure it's got deadly spiders, snakes and sharks, but they don't stop people from coming here, never mind living here. And for good reason. From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, Australia is.....
A Corner Of Library-Pangkor Laut
   8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 11,280
Off the coast of perak State, north of Selangor , lies a cluster of fabulous islands with unquestionably some of the best coves and beaches on the western coast of peninsular Malaysia. Among them, two islands predominate in terms of accessibility, in.....
Mongolia, The Land Of Blue Sky
   13 days/ 12 nights
From RMB 24,117
Are you dreaming the most wonderful and nicest trip? If yes, please choose this trip. Also please keep in mind that if you want you can change this trip, too. With this trip, you can see the Khuvsgul Lake, Orkhon waterfall, and Tsenkher Hor spring an.....