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Summer Specials! Lovely Vietnam-Phan Thiet Beach Retreat
Summer Vacation    8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 6,020
Summer Specials! Lovely Vietnam- Hoi An Beach and the Ancient Town, Vietnam
Summer Vacation    8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 5,420
Hoi An is a destination with two faces - the charming, old-world trading port of narrow streets and traditional houses, and the beach with its new resorts and long stretch of clean white sand. In keeping with Hoi An’s heritage as a trading port, the.....
Summer Specials! Lovely Vietnam-Nha Trang Beach Retreat
Summer Vacation    8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 5,080
A trip to Vietnam promises the experience of a lifetime. From the wide shady boulevards to the bustling markets of Saigon to the islands and the villages dotting the Mekong Delta, from the serene beaches of the south, to the the terraced paddy fields.....
Summer Specials! Luxury Heaven in Nha Trang-Six Senses,Ana Mandara,An Lam Ninh Van Bay
Summer Vacation    8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 13,620
Six Senses is a resort and spa management and development company, established in 1995, which manages resorts under the brand names Soneva, Six Senses Hideaway, Six Senses Latitude, Six Senses Private Residences, and Evason; plus Six Senses Spas .....
Summer Specials!Sapa Mountain Retreat,Vietnam- Soft Adventure Tour
Summer Vacation    8 days/ 7 nights
From RMB 5,690
Vietnam's northern mountain ranges are breathtakingly beautiful, rich in cultural diversity and great fun to explore. Sapa is the focal point for mountain travel in Vietnam, and is a riot of colour and atmosphere as people from the myriad ethnic mi.....
Highlights of Vietnam
   10 days/ 9 nights
From the natural splendor and majesty of the north to the historic charm of central Vietnam and concluding with beauty and the vibancy of South Vietnam, delving yourself into one of the most astonishing countries......