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Old Charm Pingyao with Jing's Residence Courtyard
3 days/ 2 nights
From RMB 3,380

Surrounded by one of the best examples of a traditional city wall anywhere in China, Pingyao is home to a treasure trove of late Imperial Northern Chinese architecture, a monument to the great and powerful financial families that once reign supreme h.....

Backpack “YOU” Taiwan
10 days/ 9 nights
From RMB 6,263

True, Taiwan hasn’t yet made it to the top of everybody’s ‘to visit’ list, but we think this is partially a result of people not quite knowing what Taiwan has to offer. But within the borders of this small, sweet-potato-shaped island barely the s.....

October Holiday ! Mt. Everest & Tibetan Adventure Tour( Full Package)
7 days/ 6 nights
From RMB 11,980

TIBET is one of the world's most extraordinary destination and there is adventure indeed lurking around almost each and every corner. Lhasa The capital lies high in the arid wilderness of the Tibetan mountains, it's name the "Roof of the World" is no.....

Hakka Earth Buiding & Quanzhou Ancient Town
7 days/ 6 nights
RMB 6,980

Dotted among the dark green mountains and blue waters in the south west Province of Fujian in South China are densely concentrated blocks of oddly shaped buildings. American researchers once described these building complexes as like "like something .....

Scenic Wonder- Wuyishan Mountain,a Combo of UNESCO's world heritage, White Water Rafting and Rock Tea
5 days/ 4 nights
RMB 4,860

Attractions include mountains much like those at Guilin, temples and other historic buildings, and raft rides down a sensational river canyon. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site both for its natural environment and for its culture. .....

Xilin Gol Inner Mongolia Grassland Tour
3 days/ 2 nights
RMB 3,580

Compared to another Inner Mongolia Grassland tour to Huitengxile, which is a resort provideing concret yurt, this Xilingguole grassland tour will be the off-the-beaten-path tour in small groups, offering authentic yurts with real Mongol residents. .....

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Qingdao: Beautiful Beaches and Beer
3 days/ 2 night
From RMB 3,180

Qingdao, in Chinese which means 'Green Island',a beautiful seaside city. In this unique trip, Laoshan National park, Taiqing Palace, Qingdao Beer Museum will help you remember how attractive Qingdao is. Plus, Zhan Qiao P

Overland Laos,Unlock The True Secrets of Laos
10 days/ 9 night
From RMB

Discover the unparalled charm and rustic beauty of Laos in this adventure travel through the kingdom formerly known as Lang Xang, the Land of Million Elephants. Staying in Indochina's most elegant hotels, you will have t

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