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Old Charm Pingyao with Jing's Residence Courtyard
3 days/ 2 nights
From RMB 3,380

Surrounded by one of the best examples of a traditional city wall anywhere in China, Pingyao is home to a treasure trove of late Imperial Northern Chinese architecture, a monument to the great and powerful financial families that once reign supreme h.....

Ancient Town Pingyao-Raise the Red Lanterns
3 days/ 2 nights
RMB 1,980

A trip to Pingyao is a trip back in time! Hard times following WWII prevented modernization, thus preserving most of the Ming and Qing old town, which is now a World Heritage site. Stroll down cobblestone streets and explore ancient courtyard homes. .....

Spiritual Datong-Grottoes and Hanging Monastery
3 days/ 2 nights
RMB 1,790

Explore China's religious past in Datong, an ancient imperial capital. An impressive symbol of Buddhist devotion, the Yungang Grottoes hold 51,000 statues of bodhisattvas, carved by artists from all over Asia more than 1500 years ago. Another wonder .....

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Qingdao: Beautiful Beaches and Beer
3 days/ 2 night
From RMB 3,180

Qingdao, in Chinese which means 'Green Island',a beautiful seaside city. In this unique trip, Laoshan National park, Taiqing Palace, Qingdao Beer Museum will help you remember how attractive Qingdao is. Plus, Zhan Qiao P

Overland Laos,Unlock The True Secrets of Laos
10 days/ 9 night
From RMB

Discover the unparalled charm and rustic beauty of Laos in this adventure travel through the kingdom formerly known as Lang Xang, the Land of Million Elephants. Staying in Indochina's most elegant hotels, you will have t

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