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Scenic Wonder- Wuyishan Mountain,a Combo of UNESCO's world heritage, White Water Rafting and Rock Tea
Tour Code: STS-CN-020 Price per person from: RMB 4,860
Departure Date: Daily Departure Click for Price Details

Located at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces, in the northeast of Fujian, Wuyi Mountain is one of the nicest spots in this area and one of the most pleasant mountains in all of China. Despite its inland situation, this is an extremely popular area and it can get very busy here. It is a good idea to visit out of season whenever possible.

Early in the Spring and Autumn Period some 2,500 years ago, the Ming (Fujian) people first settled here. Han Chinese have gradually settled here in large numbers over the years and the area is now home to a mixture of nationalities and ethnic groups.

The scenery here is surprisingly spectacular, falling between two major areas: the Jiuqu River and the Thirty Six Peaks that rise up at the top of the mountains. This is archetypal Chinese scenery-picture postcard stuff (green and lush vegetation, red cliff faces and small, preserved villages) that generations of painters, poets and artists have visited for years in an eternal search for inspiration. The air here is wonderfully clean and fresh, particularly pleasant in early evening, when a hazy mist shrouds the mountain summit.

The unique climate in the region is ideal for the growth of numerous variety of plants, which, in turn, provide a second-to-none habitat for different species of rare animals.

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Wuyi Mountain and River & Rock Tea
5 days/4 nights (Private Tour)
Departure date: Daily

Train & Flight schedule
Day01           Train:              Z58                 Beijing-Wuyishan       1738 / 0830 ( Day02)
Day05           Flight:             MF8121           Wuyishan-Beijing       1440 / 1640

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Beijing - Wuyishan Mountain
Take overnight train Beijing Western Train Station to Wuyishan. Overnight on the train.( Luxury soft sleeper).

Day 2 : Wuyishan Mountain ( B, L )
Arrive in Wuyishan in the morning, upon arrivel, you will be met at the train station, and transfer to the hotel by private car, after a quick refresh.We will explore the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, including Tianyou (Heavenly Tour) Peak, Yunwo (Cloud Nest), (Chadong)Tea cave, Yinping (Hidden Screen) Peak, Jiesun (Jointed Bamboo Shoot) Peak.

In the afternoon, we will head to the drift boarding point. We will first arrive at the Wuyi Canyon which is a good place to drift along the water. The Wuyi Canyon is 14 kilometers long with a drop of 150 meters along its length. We drift on the water of the “Nine Bends Brook” that meanders between rocks and gorges, and appreciate the lush trees on spectacular mountains as well as the fish swimming in the brook. A refreshing cool breeze brushes past you as you feel the splash of water upon your face where the water rushes through the narrows between high cliffs. Altogether an exciting adventure in awe-inspiring surroundings! Then you have some free time to explore the scenic area by yourself.
Overnight in Wuyishan Mountain.

Day 3 : Wuyishan Mountain ( B, L )
After breakfast, go to visit the famous eight beautiful scene of the Roaring Tiger Rock, natural temple, the biggest ray of sky in the world, Wind Tunnel and Immortal building.
Overnight in Wuyishan Mountain.

Day 4 : Wuyishan Biosphere Reserve ( B, L )

After breakfast in the morning, explore the Wuyishan Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in China, which is really the highlight of the whole trip. Today, you can take the white water rafting (optional)- the best one of Eastern China.
* The white water rafting is level three, which is an optional tour.
Overnight in Wuyishan Mountain.

Day 5 : Wuyishan Mountain - Beijing ( B )
We head to the Ancient Xiamei Folk Building area, located 12 kilometers southeast of Wuyishan City. The walk in the Xiamei Village brings you back in time to the Ming (1368 - 1644) and the Qing (1644 - 1911) Dynasties. Most of buildings are very well preserved and featuring the sculpture of brisk, wood and stone, which is one part of the Wuyi World culture heritage.
Xiamei village is also a famous distribution center for tea produced in Mount Wuyi. Tea merchants constructed more than 70 houses in this village. Wuyi Rock Tea (yan cha) is a special local type of tea, which belongs to oolong tea category. Also, there are other well-designed senior officials' and Confucian scholars' houses.
In the afternoon, transfer to the airport for flight back to Beijing.







Package Cost:

RMB 4,860 per person


Children's discount-
Yes, child's discount is available. All trips have different payment deadlines depending on the destination and dates of travel. We will contact you by email in the weeks before the trip to let you know the deadline.
Late booking will probably result in higher fees.

  Price Inclusions and Exclusions

Including Feature:
* One way luxury soft sleeper train ticket Beijing - Wuyishan Mountain
* One way Economy class air ticket depart Wuyishan for Beijing
* Air tax & airport construction fee

* Return train station / airport transfer by private car
* 3 nights hotel accommodation in Wuyishan Mountain based on TWIN Sharing
* Daily hotel breakfast
* Meals mentioned in the itinerary (L- Lunch)
* Transportation for sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary
* Admission fee for sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary
* English speaking tour guide in all the tourist sites mentioned above
* All hotel government tax and service charges


* Alcoholic drinks & drinks at mealtime + Optional visits + Personal expenses (e.g.Telephone, laundry)
* Personal travel insurance
* Personal expenses
* Tips for guide, driver, boat crew & hotels' porters
* Meals other than those mentioned above
* Other services not clearly indicated in the Package Inclusion above


Get around

The local tourist agency can provide a guide and driver for a fee. You will get to see much more. Otherwise you can try the local buses if you are up for adventure.

Use Bus number 6 (2-3rmb): It'll get you everywhere. From the station to the hotel, to the north and South entrances of the Wuyishan reserve. From the station you have to walk into the main street that you look into when you are in front of the station, untill you hit a T-crossing. There you can just flag down any bus 6 on the opposite side of the road, because you need to go the sotuh (the left) on the T-crossing. Don't get a taxi, because they are 30rmb and don't use the meter.

To use the bus service within the wuyishan park you have to pay 85rmb, which not necessary because you can walk to all the main sights and use the local busservice (bus 6) for only 2-3rmb to bring you to each entrance.


*  Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) - This magical and enchanted valley produces the best tea in Wu Yi Shan and is a tranquil and beautiful place. This is an absolute must.


Ride a raft down the Nine Bend Stream (九曲溪). The "rafts" are long tied bamboo rafts with about six seats. Life jackets are provided, although the water is very calm and this does not require any rafting experience or effort on the part of the riders. Two drivers use long poles to steer the craft down the water. The landscape is sensational, with sheer cliffs and tall mountains. A "cruise" down all nine bends takes two to three hours and is highly recommended.

Go to the Lotus Peak entrance. There is no one there! The park officials will say it is not possible, because there are no official busses from the reserve that go there, but you can simply walk take a taxi or motor. Aside from avoiding the masses at the other main sights, you get an amazing view or rural China.


The area is famous for tea. On one occasion, tea from Wu Yi Mountain fetched over $1000 US a gram at an auction in Shanghai!

If you play the game of Go (wei qi in Chinese), look in the shops downtown for wooden bowls to hold the go stones. These are under 50 RMB ($8) a set and look more-or-less identical to bowls sold in the West for several hundred US dollars. Be careful, however, to get bowls that are large enough. Some of the ones sold here will not hold a full set of stones.


Try the tea eggs. These are eggs hardboiled in tea, a nice cheap snack found anywhere in China. At Wu Yi Mountain, they are particularly good.

DON'T eat the pheasant! It's charged by the pound and is extremely expensive! Restaurants in Wu Yi Shan are terribly expensive and the choice is limited. Some restaurants serve bear, which you will see proudly displayed with hair still attached, in front of the restaurants.

Go into town around 20h00 when the local foodstands make amazing Fujian dishes for just a few Rmb.